Game Network Engineer
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Game Network Engineer

Kingly Software

Location: Walton,NY, USA

Date: 2019-12-01T04:03:53Z

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-Able to work remote

-3-5 years professional experience with C++ and Java

-2+ years with realtime networked applications

-working knowledge of concepts like latency, packets, multithreading, race conditions, synchronization, polling, sockets and the corresponding ability to work with code in this domain

-must be able to identify potential scaling problems and bottlenecks and work through them

-Strong computer science fundamentals

We are looking for a talented engineer to assist with implementation of Java based sharded regional servers and a secure centralized authentication/accounting/transaction handling server for a multiplayer game. The client is a multiplatform C++ game, the primary network protocol is TCP.

We are improving a high performance voxel engine and working on a multiplatform release of Eden: New Dawn . (Formerly Eden - World Builder). We are passionate about video games and believe in creating beautiful, fun and inspiring experiences for players around the world.

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