Content Creator and Social Media Manager
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Content Creator and Social Media Manager

VoxPop Games

Location: New York,NY, USA

Date: 2019-12-06T12:09:34Z

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Do have an unwavering passion for video games? Are you fed up with watching your favorite Streamers or Let s Players, some with audiences in the thousands, still struggling to make ends meet? Maybe you are, in fact, an independent developer who is having a hard time trying to stand out because you lack the funds needed to run any traditional marketing campaign and you feel a bit lost in a seemingly endless ocean of video game content

VoxPop Games is looking to bring all of that to an end!

VoxPop Games, is a new Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Game Distribution & Development startup, and we re looking to on-board a new team member with passion, a deep entrepreneurial spirit, online marketing expertise and familiarity with all major social media platforms. We re looking to shake up the industry by helping Streamers monetize and Indies advertise, with the power of our proprietary profit-sharing platform tools!

VoxPop Games needs an individual with a strong entrepreneurial mindset, who is not merely concerned with their base pay, but is also looking for an opportunity to grow something great from the ground up! This full-time job has flexible working hours and will emphasize your productivity, you will be compensated with significant company equity and competitive startup salary.

You will be directly reporting to the company s Co-Founder/Chief Operating Officer.

You will be tasked with maintaining, expanding, and taking steps to manage and cultivate our connections across Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and YouTube, and serve as our platform community s voice on Discord. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a new revolution!

Applicants do not necessarily need to be gamers themselves, however, they must have some advanced knowledge of online gamer culture (i.e. Topical issues, lingo, memes, et al.), which is required to do their job effectively.

Please send your full Resume/CV, along with a personal statement to:

All potential candidates MUST be currently located within the NYC/New York Metropolitan Area


  • Enact and implement VoxPop Games Social-Media Beats marketing strategy for promoting the platform to users, streamers and independent game developers

  • Expand and cultivate VoxPop Games online presence across major social media platforms

  • Generate and create original engaging daily content (Text blast updates, memes, photos and videos)

  • Engage with users on social media profiles, including our Discord server

  • Reach out to game streamers and other potential partners directly via all social media sites


o Knowledge of topical issues in online gamer / internet culture

o Excellent Written Communication Skills

o Effective Time Management

o Kind personality and warm demeanor, First-Class Networking and people skills

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